Boost sales meeting impact

Smart marketers use the most intuitive presentation platform, to enable sales managers and bankers to consistently deliver high impact calls. Both remote and face-to-face.
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These great healthcare companies use Shaman to improve call execution
How our customers accelerate marketing+sales perfomance with Shaman

Very efficient workflow

The platform takes out the complexity of detail aid production, as it allows you to create and distribute an interactive detail aid in under 30 minutes. No HTML skills required.

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Enable conversations.

Every HCP is different. Shaman allows you to create detail aids with multiple storylines, allowing the sales rep to quickly tailor the marketing message and engage today’s hard-to-impress HCPs.

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Visual analytics that provide insight.

Shaman automatically collects meeting analytics and provides real-time insights where you can improve. Next, Shaman makes it easy to collect client-segmentation data.

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Always accessible, always updated.

Using the Shaman apps, your sales team has (offline) access to all the approved resources they need to make engaging, customer-centric calls. You can push new or updated content – with just one click.

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benefits of one source

Multichannel, Single Content Source.

Say goodbye to technical delays and “version confusion”. Shaman provides the single content source for face-to-face, remote meeting and email interactions with customers.

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benefits of one source

Forward on + Follow up.

Keep engaging your prospects and supporting your sales reps even after the meeting using online handouts, personal web pages, and integrated call reports.

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