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There’s no shortage of agencies able to produce detail aids and medical communications materials that are technically accurate and legally compliant. Yet Pharma companies remain desperate for content that can truly engage today’s time-poor Health Care Professionals. As a Shaman Certified Agency, you can help them with the most conversational and intuitive e-detailing platform.
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Innovate Detail Aids

As physicians become increasingly busy, Pharma are finding it more difficult to capture HCP interest using old-school detail aids. As a result, a majority of MedComms content goes unused, and over half of HCPs fail to get the info they need.

Increasing HCP engagement requires a modern approach to medical communication that is interactive and data-driven, and Pharma companies will increasingly turn to MedComms agencies that offer more than just the traditional detail aid.

Offer your client content that fits them like a glove

When it comes to creating effective MedComms content, it can be hard to know what’s “working” and what’s not. Your client may lack the time to evaluate the performance of your content and provide useful feedback; in other cases – where your work gets passed from sales rep to HCP to patient – your target reader may seem impossibly distant.

Leveraging the power of a cloud-based application, though, you can “close the loop” by collecting data on how users interact with your content – at any time, on any device. Page View Logs – to help you figure out which parts your readers are most interested in. Heat Maps – to show you where their attention is focused. View Duration Data – to indicate where readers may get stuck or lose interest.

Drawing on this data, you can offer your clients more finely tuned iterations – and using Remote Edit and Sync tools, even implement the approved changes instantaneously.

Say hello to the future of medical communications.

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