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The top 8 reasons why marketingsales teams love Shaman:

1. Sales reps can only show approved content
2. Search for content/ read notes without HCPs seeing
3. Present and join from any device, no plugin needed
4. Create personalised webpage with content after meeting
5. See detailed and visual meeting analytics
6. Import a wide range of content files, including PDF, PPT and video
7. Use editor to upload existing content and make it interactive
8. Facilitates audio and videochat

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Shaman allows you to deliver interactive, modern, and truly customer-centric remote meetings that engage today’s hard-to-impress HCPs.


Increase effectiveness of your remote meetings with meeting analytics. With rich activity, content-engagement and client-segmentation data you can improve your content, targeting and individual sales training.


Stop wasting time + money. With Shaman’s drag-and-drop presentation editor, you produce and update interactive, ready-to-use remote detail aids in hours instead of weeks. No HTML skills required.

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