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Shaman is a Full Service Veeva Content Partner

Great life-science marketing requires great content. ShamanGo makes it effortless to convert your static content files into interactive detail aids for Veeva CLM. It will significantly boost Veeva (Engage) adoption throughout your organisation.
These great healthcare companies use Shaman to improve call execution

Benefits of ShamanGo

Make content quickly available

ShamanGo is an application that allows you to convert and import all your static approved materials quickly as interactive HTML for Veeva CLM/ Engage. From Detail Aids, medical presentations, to PDF literature. Within hours you will have your new CLMs ready to use in Veeva.

Save time + money creating Veeva CLMs

With the visual editor of ShamanGo you can assemble interactive CLMs in under an hour. You can do it yourself or ask your agency. No communication with third parties needed. No HTML knowledge required. At the fraction of your current cost.

Enable sales conversations

Want more? As you need more flexibility with Remote Meetings, you can use the Shaman Meeting Canvas to easily create multiple story lines, add navigation and questions. So sales reps can start a dialogue and have access to every slide in just a few clicks.

Improve using content insights

When you start with Remote Detailing, you need to learn which content works and which content doesn’t. ShamanGo creates useful statistics in Veeva and supports key message naming. But there is more: a dashboard connected to Veeva that helps to understand and improve Remote content.

Content suggestions

Prepare the call by selecting slides in the CLM – based on content suggestions. Wouldn’t that be great? ShamanGo offers a Pre-call extention for CLM that provides suggestions on history and business rules, that you can simply add to every CLM.

Add profiling data

Seamlessly collect data during or after presenting. Shaman offers a Profiling extension, that you can simply add to every CLM. This profiling data can be used to analyse content impact and give better content suggestions.

See ShamanGo in action

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